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Why did you ascribe the words at the beginning of your film Pilgrimage to Thomas a Kempis?

Werner Herzog

I have to make a confession. It is a fake quote that I made up myself. I love to do things like that because I want to have the audiences entering the film at a very, very high level. I do the same in Lessons of Darkness. There is quote by Blaise Pascal which I invented myself. It’s as good as Blaise Pascal by the way [laughs]. He would welcome this as being part of his work. Joke aside, it’s the same thing. It actually has to do with ecstatic truth again. How do I approach a film, how do I step into a film? I step far out into some sort of an almost ecstatic thought and I impregnate the film with that and we are entering into the film in a different way.

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Herzog realmente se supera: escravizou índios, atravessou a Europa a pé, inventou citações para Blaise Pascal…

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